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3 Main Elements to Structure an Argumentative Essay


Academic writing plays a vital role in the polishing writing skills of students. It has high importance in educational institutes and essay writing firms with ‘write my essay for me’ services both for teachers as well as students. Teachers consider essay writing practice a trustworthy tool to assess their students' writing standard and their grasp on a specific topic.


Academic writing is also determined as essay writing. It has predefined rules that every writer is bound to follow. Taking everything into account, it is also associated with story-telling while it is not just relating a story. It demands a scribbler to accomplish something past depicting a story about an event or situation. Instead, academic writing provides a stage for students to express their thoughts and emotions in a planned, sequential, and well-overseen way.


It merits insinuating here that even neophyte writers wonder who will compose my essay and make a commonplace mistake at the initial stage of writing or inserting the information at the wrong place in the essay's text. Consequently, despite sufficient knowledge about the topic and ample writing skills, students disregard to get the desired results.




It is the foremost part of the essay. In an argumentative essay, you must open the essay by marking down an astonishing fact or figure related to the topic. It plays the role of a snare statement. Its primary purpose is to seek the attention of the readers towards the essay's text. Therefore, the initial statement must be unique, as well as astonishing.


Especially, students struggle a great deal in composing a presentable argumentative essay and wonder who will write my essay. Therefore, here is a finished guide to consolidate the argumentative essay's text in the essay structure. Right when a student learns the specialty of composing an essay, he finds that now I can compose my essay even more easily.  


The subsequent stage is to portray the topic. The definition must be concise and absolute. You can describe the topic just when you develop a superior understanding of the assigned topic. It is the place where you also need to specify the reason that makes you compose this essay. Remember, there is no space for emotions or feelings in this essay, so avoid giving an emotional touch to this essay.


Compose a concise as well as a compelling thesis statement. Usually, it consists of the central supportive argument that you raise for your opinion regarding the topic. It works as the establishment of the topic. The statement plays a vital role in writing the conclusion precisely.


Also, the introductory section consists of one paragraph. The introductory paragraph should be interesting, fascinating, furthermore precise.


Main body


It is the lengthiest section of academic writing. In this section, you get the freedom to explain your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations according to the topic. Usually, it comprises three paragraphs. However, the measure of paragraphs in this essay can be surpassed depending on the essay's required length.


In this section, you need to explicate your viewpoint regarding the topic. Also, you must demonstrate the estimation of the argument rendered by you. It is the place where you discover the occasion to persuade the readers according to your opinion. Therefore, the argument gave by you must be robust enough to adjust the readers' perspectives according to your opinion. Besides, your argument must also be versatile given by the current circumstances.


Besides, you should raise the counter-argument also. It addresses the counterpart thought or opinion of the readers. You need to raise that idea and subsequently discredit it.




Precisely writing finishing up remarks is a skill. It demands an essay writing service to fix up a thesis statement. Besides, you should prescribe your opinion to the readers to adopt. It very well may be ideal in the event that you didn't present another argument, thought, or opinion in this section.


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