Getting Started

Whether this is your first time logging in, or you just need a refresher, here are some quick instructions to learn about engaging with your online communities and updating your profile settings.

Download Instructions (Updated June 2023)

Joining a Community and Posting

Want a deeper dive into the nuances of joining or leaving a community, as well as how to post? You're in the right place!

Download Instructions (Updated June 2023)

Setting up Your Profile

Come learn all about how to set up your profile, including privacy settings, and why you should fill out all those fields!

Download Instructions (Updated May 2023)

Email Settings

Confused by how to manage emails, and ready to just opt out of all of them? Here's a tutorial just for you, on how to simplify what you receive so it's as relevant as possible.

Download Instructions (Updated May 2023)

MAA Connect Mobile App

Did you know that MAA Connect can be taken on the go with a mobile app? Learn everything you need to know to get started here!

Download Instructions (Updated March 2023)

Using the Libraries

We've updated our library system! Take a tour through the new design, and learn how best to utilize these great resources.

Download Instructions (Updated April 2023)

Events Listings

Here's a primer on our events listing, so you can always keep up with everything going on in your communities!

Download Instructions (Updated May 2023)

Using the Directory

MAA Connect is all about just that - connecting! Here's how to use the directory feature to its best advantage so you can expand your network.

Download Instructions (Updated May 2023)

Community Managers 101

Are you a community manager, and want to know what extra tools are now at your disposal? This training will help get you started, so you can help your community thrive.

Download Instructions (Updated May 2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

For your most common questions, we've compiled a helpful page of FAQs to try and answer as many as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Need Help?

Can't quite find the answer to your question? Help is only ever an email away!