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Common Mistakes for Students to Avoid in Compare and Contrast Essay Writing


Essay writing seems to be a dreaded affair for several students. Sometimes, they fret out of compiling detailed essays over and over. Especially when their teachers ask them to compose a comprehensive compare and contrast essay, they become nervous. It happens because writing such an essay as compare and contrast without bells and whistles is a tedious job.


It is a genre of essay writing that demands an essay writer to examine the similarities and differences between two distinct subjects. Highlighting the differences and similarities between two subjects that don't fall under the same class is restricted in this essay. Also, a writer is not allowed to present emotions and feelings in the text. However, you may be asked to examine the similarities just or the differences just between two distinct subjects.


As a student, you must have encountered many college essay writing tasks. Each essay type has great unique importance. Similarly, this essay also plays a vital role in setting up students' academic careers. It encourages students to highlight even the invisible components of subjects that have unique importance. It also forces students to establish a close association among texts and ideas of two unique subjects.


Five mistakes that students must subdue to compose a handy compare and contrast essay.


Students often make several mistakes while writing a compare and contrast essay. Finally, they disregard to get a good score that leads them to a situation where they fret out of essay writing. To subdue this situation, they need to work hard to avoid themselves from submitting errors.


At the initial stage of writing, students make a typical mistake of establishing an association between two subjects that don't fall under the same classification. So, you need to understand that you can't create an association between such subjects that have various categories. For instance, you can compare, contrast or both between the subjects such as two models of cars dispatched in the same period, two writers in the same time frame or two politicians in the same time frame, etc


You can't examine similarities and differences between a vehicle and a plane, a legislator and a writer working for a college essay writing service, etc. Students often disregard an essential factor in the time frame. Highlighting the similarities and differences by overlooking the segment of time frame, ruins the writing effort.


Sometimes, neophyte scribblers make a vicious cycle while explaining a similarity or a difference between the two subjects. They create a too long paragraph while discussing a single part of a subject. It makes the reader hard to read a lengthy essay. So, consider writing precise, direct, and remarkable essays.


Students toward the starting phase of writing make another mistake of offering personal thoughts about the topic. They need to understand that they are not allowed to express their emotions and feelings. So, you must just explain the topic straightaway without involving feelings at the same time.


The compare and contrast essay demands a writer to highlight the reason for offering importance to the topic. You need to tell the readers the reason for writing this essay totally. You must avoid giving suggestions or recommendations about adopting your viewpoint about various subjects.


It happens to neophyte writers that they struggle writing such college essay examples. A student who doesn't have enough writing skills often thinks about how to compose my essay impressively. Such a student must follow the before schedule of mentioned tips to score good marks in exams. Besides, he can also look forward to an essay writing service instead of risking their grades.


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