SIGMAA IBL Spring Workshop Series - "Playing Math: Transferring Authority to Students" with Martha B

When:  Jan 26, 2023 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM (ET)
Inquiry Based Learning centers student ideas and approaches, but students
themselves are often resistant to this new paradigm of learning. Accustomed
to I do - We do - You do, lecture, and other instructor-based pedagogies,
students are used to accepting that ultimate mathematical authority is
provided by instructors and textbooks, and the idea that they themselves hold
mathematical authority is new, uncomfortable, and disconcerting. In this
workshop, I'll briefly present some of the ways I've used games and
mathematical play to help students discover their own voice in mathematical
exploration, and we will work together to find ways to adapt games and other
mathematical play to your own classes.

About the Speaker
Martha Byrne considers herself a NorthWestern New Mexichusornian because Northern California, Western Massachusetts, and New Mexico are all places she feels at home. After earning her bachelor's degree in mathematics, she taught in a variety of secondary settings in Massachusetts and then earned her PhD at the University of New Mexico. She's now an Associate Professor of math and math education at Sonoma State University in California where she's been since 2016.


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