Critical Approaches to Equity-Focused Dept Transformation through Data-Informed Decision Making

When:  Jun 18, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 05:30 PM (ET)

Is your mathematics department seeking to improve student grades and retention? Have you seen local data that show inequitable student outcomes from mathematics courses? How can a mathematics instructor respond to these complex situations?

 This workshop takes a critical approach to using data (both quantitative and qualitative) to improve equity in undergraduate mathematics courses, including asking questions about what are the intended outcomes, what data can show progress toward those outcomes, and what changes could local teams implement to make that progress. A critical approach critiques and challenges the systems that create inequalities and seeks to make improvements that extend beyond the confines of those systems. Systems include the mathematical content we teach, the way we teach it, the programs that support these teachings, the departments that house these programs, the advising processes placing students into these courses, and so much more. 

Participants will explore their local systems and current data, making plans for forming local transformation teams with equity-focused goals that will draw on data spanning student achievement, experience, and student access, and also students’ mathematics identities and both classroom and department power dynamics.


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