Emily Braley

Preceptor in Mathematics,
Harvard University
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My primary focus at the undergraduate level is on mathematical experiences for STEM intending students as they transition from high school to college.  Through a classroom lens, this means examining students’ mathematical beliefs about precalculus and calculus that they bring to their learning and intentionally creating structures and opportunities for students to communicate their understanding in collaborative learning experiences.  Turning the lens to look outside of the classroom, this means the development of programming and strategic interventions in the form of mentoring and academic and social experiences that build community, for STEM intending students.  At the graduate level, I am interested in the professional development of mathematics graduate students focused on engaged student learning and inclusive classroom practices.  This is part of the work that I have been involved in with the CoMInDS project.


UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill
PhD, 2012
2007 To 2012
Advisor: Prakash Belkale

BS, 2007
2004 To 2007

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2008 - Present

Job History

Harvard University
Preceptor in Mathematics
July 2017 - present

Duke University
Assistant Professor of the Practice in Mathematics
July 2012 - July 2017