MAA Distinguished Lecture Series - "A Tour of 3D Printed Mathematics" with Laura Taalman

When:  Apr 4, 2023 from 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM (ET)

The MAA Distinguished Lecture Series continues!

"A Tour of 3D Printed Mathematics: Ideal Graphs, Tritangentless Trefoils, and Chaotic Attractors" with Laura Taalman

In this talk we’ll take a 3D-printed tour of a collection of mathematical objects. We’ll start with building tritangentless trefoils and show how to make them roll as easily as possible. We will then look at ways to construct collections of ideal graph configurations in three dimensions. Finally, we will show how to create 3D mesh models to accurately visualize a variety of chaotic orbits. We will also explore the technical and computational tools needed for creating these 3D-printable mathematical models, including OpenSCAD, Mathematica, and MATLAB. Along the way we will discuss early undergraduate research opportunities and provide resources to help students and mathematicians who wish to create their own models.

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About the Speaker

Laura Taalman is a Professor of Mathematics at James Madison University whose published research has included algebraic geometry, knot theory, and games. Also known as “mathgrrl”, Dr. Taalman is a computational designer who leverages a diverse toolbox of 3D design software and technical materials to create elegant and aesthetic realizations of idealized mathematical objects. She is a Project NExT Fellow, a recipient of the Alder Award, Trevor Evans Award, and SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award, and has been featured on Thingiverse, Adafruit, and Science Friday.


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