SIGMAA IBL Fall Workshop: "Supporting IBL with Alternative Grading"

When:  Oct 27, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)

Join David Clark and Robert Talbert for "Supporting IBL with Alternative Grading"

Abstract: Do your assessments send the same message as your pedagogy? Many IBL classes work to develop norms of valuing productive struggle and failure. Students can get a mixed message if the same classes involve one-and-done exams or homework. Alternative approaches to grading and inquiry-based learning can support and reinforce the student-centered focus of our classes. In this interactive session, we'll give a brief introduction to the world of alternative grading, give concrete examples of how it can work in an IBL setting, and answer your questions.

David Clark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University. David is a leading proponent of alternative grading in higher education. His book Grading for Growth (co-authored with Robert Talbert) will be published in mid 2023. Over his 17-year teaching career, David has won numerous teaching awards, including the Mathematical Association of America’s national Alder Award. As a classroom teacher, his classes are active, engaging, and highly student-centered. His research also centers on students, especially projects that introduce them to mathematical research through puzzles and games. David is an avid photographer, backpacker, gardener, and boardgamer (although he usually loses).

Robert Talbert is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Grand Valley State University. Robert has experimented with and advocated for innovation in teaching and learning throughout his 25-year career in higher education. He has also served as Scholar-in-Residence at Steelcase, Inc. and as Presidential Fellow for the Advancement of Learning in the GVSU President’s Office. He is the author of Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty (Stylus Publications, 2017) and the co-author (with his GVSU colleague Dr. David Clark) of Grading For Growth. Robert aspires to spend more time playing bass guitar and riding bicycles than being in front of a computer.

SIGMAA IBL hosts workshop series each fall and spring. Each interactive workshop is 50 minutes long. All levels of IBL practitioners (including beginners) are welcome! Please visit our website for more details including abstracts and speaker bios.