Demystifying ChatGPT: Helping Faculty Navigate the Evolving AI Landscape

When:  Sep 19, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)

In this presentation, we will tackle questions about AI posed by attendees during registration, offer actionable strategies for discussing generative AI with your students, and showcase practical AI applications that faculty can integrate to enhance teaching and familiarize themselves with this emerging technology.

About the Presenters

Lew Ludwig is a professor of mathematics and the Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching at Denison University. An active member of the MAA, he served on the project team for the MAA Instructional Practices Guide, was the creator and senior editor of the MAA’s former Teaching Tidbits blog, and currently writes the Still Learning From My Mistakes series for Math Values.

Bjorn Ludwig, a recent graduate with dual degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Bowdoin College, brings a distinctive student-centered perspective to the realm of AI in education. Having navigated these technologies firsthand, he passionately advocates for a comprehensive understanding and effective application of AI tools. Co-presenting the "Engaging with ChatGPT" workshop at MAA MathFest 2023, Bjorn showcased innovative ways to enhance a student's learning through AI. His unique vantage point as a student underscores his commitment to shaping a more impactful and engaging future for math education.


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